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About Us

We Believe That The Best Way To Make Money Is To Avoid Losing It In The First Place

Grenda Group is a locally owned family business and our goal is to be a trusted partner to the individuals and families we serve. We founded our firm to put into practice our philosophy of simple, common sense investing that puts our clients and their needs at the center of everything we do.

We know that you have worked hard for your money and the wealth you have accumulated represents decades of sacrifice, saving, and prudence. We can help you use your wealth to build a comfortable lifestyle, achieve personal goals, and leave a legacy to your loved ones.

We built our firm on five pillars that represent our values and approach to financial planning:

Common Sense Investing:

We keep things simple by building financial strategies using high-value investments, such as Index Funds, which offer the benefit of diversification while consistently outperforming most actively-managed, commission-based products. We feel this is the best way to help our clients achieve stable returns and better financial outcomes.

Shared Interests:

Your financial future is just as important to us as it is to you. Our fee-based approach is transparent and allows us to align our interests with yours to help ensure our objectivity.


As an independent firm, we are free from ties to any particular company or their investments. Our independent perspective allows us to build completely personalized strategies that put our clients first.

Ongoing Communication:

The hallmark of our firm is warm, responsive, and family-oriented service. We seek to keep our clients engaged, but recognize that every client requires a customized communication schedule to fit their everyday lives. Together, we determine what level of interaction and communication best suits your needs.


We understand and honor the important role we have in our client’s lives. Our approach prioritizes your bottom line by following a rigorous financial planning process that puts your goals front and center. We build customized, well-balanced portfolios that are designed to help our clients pursue success in all market environments while minimizing unnecessary risk.